How Did East Falls Get Its Name?

July 1, 2016 will mark the 100th anniversary of East Falls! But how can that be, you ask: is it not well known that this neighborhood, once an independent town, goes back to the 17th century? But only as of 1916 did the Falls of Schuylkill become East Falls. When I (Steven Peitzman, EFHS board […]

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11-18 Mifflin Scrapbook group 2 cover

Mifflin Archive Arrives!

“Much in life is learned and accomplished by accident.” – Harley Brown, artist On Tuesday November 18, Ellen Sheehan presented the Mifflin Archive, a volume of historical documents about the school, to Principal Leslie Mason. Two years in the making, the Archive is the carefully curated result of a fortunate accident. “I didn’t go to […]

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Feature Ridge Ave

Businesses of East Falls 80 Years Ago

Empty storefronts are a problem in many growing communities like East Falls — not just vacancies, but also finding the right businesses to ensure lively streetscapes & commerce, while preserving our historic buildings and regional charm. Was East Falls always so tricky for development? We might not have answers but in the spirit of Throwback […]

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Ann Caroline Coleman.Pres Buchanans girl.ResizedII

East Falls past: Love and suicide

What possible connection could our 15th president, James Buchanan, have with East Falls? As it turns out, Buchanan’s financee was buried at Laurel Hill cemetery (ed note:  whoops! Suburban Press got this wrong — see below). The tragedy of her dying before they were married, some say, was the reason he remained our only bachelor […]

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lager oktoberfest girl PM HS

This Saturday Only: Taste an East Falls Lager

Q: How do you turn German beer into American beer? A: Drink it. Poor American lager. A whole generation of craft beer lovers grew up associating this once-noble Old World recipe with the thin, low-alcohol stuff favored by rednecks and underage drinkers. In truth, New World lager is an exciting German-American hybrid: their recipe, our […]

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