Hohenadel Bottles.20

Hohenadel House: A neighborhood collector’s item

Old houses attract passionate people – especially houses that are falling down and need rescue. Since we’ve been blogging about East Falls’ own fixer upper, we’ve encountered all kinds of other history nuts who’ve been thrilled to open their collections and share everything they know, including crazy theories, alternate histories, and dream scenarios. But they’ve […]

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Christopher Walken. Hessian scored

East Falls Hessians and a Betsy Ross connection?

Thanks to the Chadwick Papers*, we’ve got information to add to our “Hessians Are Coming” post. We now know the names of two Hessian commanders who were encamped in the East Falls area, one of whom may have had a liaison with Betsy Ross: Wilhelm von Knyphausen. He was second-in-command of the Hessian forces in […]

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CHURCH  William Penn wampum

Say What? Colonial Glossary Quiz on 1685 East Falls Treaty

The Falls of Schuylkill Baptist Church (that used to share a border with Hohenadel House) kindly slipped us one of their print-ups of this fascinating document: William Penn’s 1685 Treaty with 13 Native American chiefs for the purchase of property believed to include East Falls. Does it? We’re still mulling that over, as we also […]

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