Christopher Walken. Hessian scored

East Falls Hessians and a Betsy Ross connection?

Thanks to the Chadwick Papers*, we’ve got information to add to our “Hessians Are Coming” post. We now know the names of two Hessian commanders who were encamped in the East Falls area, one of whom may have had a liaison with Betsy Ross: Wilhelm von Knyphausen. He was second-in-command of the Hessian forces in […]

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HessiansMap.East Falls Revolutionary skirmish.125 wide

The Hessians are coming! (for our beer)

It wasn’t as famous as Paul Revere’s warning, but the cry “The Hessians are coming!” was, for many colonial Americans, a terrifying prospect. And in 1777, our own Indian Queen Lane was “Ground Zero” for an entire encampment.  Of course it was! This area was strategically important as a major thoroughfare into the heart of […]

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oyster collage.125

When oysters were peanuts

They sure loved their oysters at the Hohenadel Brewery on Indian Queen Lane. We found hundreds of shells at the site this morning, unearthed by a construction crew digging up the site of the old brewery for condominiums. That many fresh oysters would be worth thousands of dollars today at an upscale center city restaurant, […]

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28th ward zoomed more paint

What’s in a name? East Falls, street by street

We’ve got three “Queen” lanes in East Falls — Queen, New Queen, and Indian Queen  — but does anyone know who this “Queen/queen” is? Any Googling fool can tell you that Philadelphia’s Queen Village was named for Sweden’s Queen Cristina, but our local sovereign’s identity is not so apparent. A yellowed newspaper clipping we found […]

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