First Lager Marker

Lager, Our Hometown Brew

Summertime is the perfect weather for enjoying ale’s refreshing sister:  lager. Lager vs. Ale:  What’s the difference? Strictly speaking, every beer is either a lager or an ale. Ales were here first, an ancient brew. Top-fermented, known for fruitiness, bitterness, and high alcohol content. Lagers are bottom-fermented, thanks to a special strain of yeast developed […]

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Reward for stolen dog.Resized4

How much is your dog worth?

How about five bucks? In 1854, that was the reward offered for a “large white pointer dog” that was stolen from the Falls Hotel. That seems pretty cheap, until you consider that $5 then is worth about $140 today. In the mid 19th century, dogs weren’t invited to restaurants or spoiled with Busy Bee toys, […]

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Falls Bridge Construction 1895

New Mobile-Friendly Design

The East Falls Historical Society website has been redesigned to be not only more user-friendly, but mobile-friendly. Compatible with all tablets and smartphones, the new website will adapt to any device you use. In the future, we plan on using this mobile-friendly design to deliver mobile content like maps for walking tours. Questions? Comments? Contact […]

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Historical Marker Placed at Kelly House

The long awaited Pennsylvania Historical Marker honoring the Kelly Family was dedicated on Saturday, Oct. 27 at 1:00 p.m. at McMichael Park, 3800 Henry Avenue. The marker honors John B. Kelly, Sr., born in East Falls and a three time Olympic gold medal winner for rowing in the 1920 and 1924 International Olympic Games. A […]

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