Harvest Time with German Historical Society 10/14

Culinary & Cultural Preservation:
Sauerkraut Workshop & Library Exhibit Tuesday October 14, 2014 at 7 PM

Did you know that October is American Archives Month?  It’s a way for libraries and museums to call attention to the unique treasures they hold, as well as the need to properly preserve these artifacts for the enjoyment of future generations.  Philadelphia-area repositories celebrate locally with a series of events and exhibitions to highlight our city’s rich heritage.

Marisa McClellan author photo low res

This fall, the German Society will be joining the fun with a preservation doubleheader on Tuesday, October 14th.  Beginning at 7 PM in our Ratskeller, food writer and canning expert Marisa McClellan will demonstrate how to extend the shelf life of your Kohl with a sauerkraut-making workshop.  Highlights of the Horner Memorial Library’s cookbook collection will also be on display in the reading room for the viewing pleasure of participants.

The cost of attending the workshop is $15, and attendance will be capped at 20 participants.  For registration and other information, please contact the GSP office or Chrissy Bellizzi,  librarian@germansociety.org