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What We Offer

  • Programs of historic interest for the public
    Walking tours and field trips
    Oral histories
    Advocacy for preservation of historic sites
    Reference services
    Sale of historic photos, maps, note cards and others



  • Books of local interest & Primary Source materials:
    Weekly Forecast 100-1906
    Chadwick Papers
    The Suburban Press clippings
    Historic Photos
    Flyers and pamphlets
    Oral history tapes
    Private Collections


Committees you can join

Acquisition – Solicitation, selection and access ion of historic materials.
Archiving – Preserve and digitize primary source documents
Catalogue – Organize, label and file historic materials
Communication/Public Relations – Write articles to stimulate interest in historic events
Funding – Locate and develop sources of funding, such as grants and fundraisers
Historic sites – Identify, investigate and advocate for historic sites
Membership – Recruit members and welcome them into the society
Oral History – Interview East Falls residents and transcribe their words
Program – Plan talks, walks, field trips and events of historic interest
Reference – respond to queries on houses, people, and institutions
Research – Write original material based on the history of East Falls

Membership Form

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