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East Falls past: Love and suicide

What possible connection could our 15th president, James Buchanan, have with East Falls? As it turns out, Buchanan’s financee was buried at Laurel Hill cemetery (ed note:  whoops! Suburban Press got this wrong — see below). The tragedy of her dying before they were married, some say, was the reason he remained our only bachelor […]

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Woodside Park1

Woodside Park: Gone but not Forgotten

Fallsers loved Woodside Park, a Coney Island-like amusement park in West Fairmount Park built by the Fairmount Park Transportation Company in 1897. Like Chestnut Hill and Willow Grove Parks, Woodside was built along a trolley route. Ten miles of trolley tracks surrounded it. Woodside Park closed in 1955, but memories are still fresh and evocative […]

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A Very Happy Anniversary to EFHS

Message from the President… As we head into fall, the East Falls Historical Society is looking forward to exciting new directions in this 10th year of promoting and preserving our community’s history:  A new blog of neighborhood stories invites your memories and questions. Developing events and volunteer initiatives seek to engage all ages. Social media […]

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Walking History: 300 Years in 3 Blocks on Indian Queen Lane

For Fallsers, it’s easy to forget that Indian Queen Lane is probably the single most architecturally diverse street in East Falls, if not Philadelphia, with Gothic, Greek Revival, Federal, and Italianate houses interspersed among classic rowhomes. It’s one of the oldest roads in Pennsylvania, first appearing on maps in 1692 when it was the main […]

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