IQL and Krail.Tale of two porches

East Falls Retrospective: THEN & NOW Pics Around Town

Indian Queen Lane and Krail — right up the road from Hohenadel House. You’d hardly know the difference 53 years makes. What’s up with that, East Falls? Last week, we stumbled on a cache of East Falls photos from all the way back to the early 1900’s; this week, we took comparison pics. You’d think […]

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Hohenadel Bottles.20

Hohenadel House: A neighborhood collector’s item

Old houses attract passionate people – especially houses that are falling down and need rescue. Since we’ve been blogging about East Falls’ own fixer upper, we’ve encountered all kinds of other history nuts who’ve been thrilled to open their collections and share everything they know, including crazy theories, alternate histories, and dream scenarios. But they’ve […]

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Man and beer.Resized

Success! Hohenadel Beer Pilot Batch

Today’s players: Tom (brewer) Lou Farrell (local chef, historian/archaeologist, craft beer judge, and pickle aficionado) Steve Fillmore (writer, beer geek, and EFHS President) Mission: To taste-test the pilot batch to determine if the combination of the cluster and noble hops evokes the flavor of a historic 19th century maibock beer -and- to make as much […]

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Christopher Walken. Hessian scored

East Falls Hessians and a Betsy Ross connection?

Thanks to the Chadwick Papers*, we’ve got information to add to our “Hessians Are Coming” post. We now know the names of two Hessian commanders who were encamped in the East Falls area, one of whom may have had a liaison with Betsy Ross: Wilhelm von Knyphausen. He was second-in-command of the Hessian forces in […]

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